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9 Tips for Staying Motivated

It can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself in hard. Maybe you’re tired or stressed and you need to go to work but you can’t bring yourself to put in the effort that you should be, here are some tips to help boost your motivation and stay motivated:

1. Set goals for yourself Make small goals for yourself throughout the day or week to make your schedule easier to manage. Break down big project into smaller parts so it’s easier to get your head around. Treat finishing the parts as small victories.

2. Celebrate wins and reward yourself When you reach your goals, treat yourself. This can be as small as a getting yourself a cup of tea or a doughnut on your break to buying yourself that new jacket you’ve had your eyes on at the end of the week.

3. Focus on what needs to be done and make a List Don’t take on extra unnecessary work that you don’t have to do. This can bog you down and leave you drowning in work that doesn’t bring value to you or the company. Instead make a To-Do List of thing that you have to do and prioritise the most important or time sensitive tasks. This will help keep your mind clear and help you to manage your work load. You’ll find yourself ticking tasks of your list and feeling satisfied as you work through your tasks.

4. Set deadlines Well managed projects will have deadlines to be met, but for the things that are not set, set your own. This can increase your productivity and help you prioritise tasks. Meeting your own deadlines can improve your motivation as it can give you a more organised work schedule and keep you on track. Manage your tasks, don't let them manage you.

5. Take breaks Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can be mentally and physically draining, so its important to give yourself some short breaks, every now and again. Get up from your desk and go for a short walk around the office or get yourself a cup of tea or coffee. You will be amazed at how much of difference this can make when you get back to your desk.

6. Change things up Try approaching work from a different angle. If you’re doing things the same way, day after day, it can lead to a lack of motivation. Change things up and try to get a different outlook on how you do things. 7. Get feedback and take criticism Ask for feedback. It’s always good to know when you are doing well and this will; be a big motivation and confidence boost to take on your next task. Learn to take criticism. Don’t look at it as a negative, good constructive criticism is something you can improve on. Showing your employer that you can take on criticism can show them that you’re able to learn from your experiences and take on bigger projects.

8. Get stuck in Just get into the work. The best way to get your work done, is to just do it. It may sound simple but once you get into your workload with a clear focus, time will fly and you’ll be finished in no time and ready to move on to your next task, pone that may be more enjoyable.

9. Finish at the end of the work day Once your day at work is finished you should log off from work. Over the past few years with the introduction of smart phones it’s like we never fully leave the office. With your work email on your phone you may feel obliged to respond to emails outside of your working hours leaving you in a twenty four hour work day. This isn’t healthy for you and can affect your motivation in work as it may feel like you never had a break.


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